Facility Master Planning

In October of 2022, the ADM Board of Education approved a Facility Master Planning Committee to start the Facility Master Planning process during the 2022-23 school year. The purpose of this committee was to develop recommendations for a 10 year plan to address facility needs of the ADM Community School District.

The Board-approved committee was comprised of community members, teachers, administrators, city mayors, and board members and was created to study district needs and to provide recommendations. During the 2022-23 school year, the Facility Master Planning Committee:

  • Evaluated current ADM facilities and identified priority needs
  • Studied future enrollment projections and capacity implications for all school buildings
  • Identified priority future facility needs to meet enrollment and programming needs
  • Created and evaluated 10 scenarios to meet identified priority needs
  • Developed a sequence and 10-year plan to meet identified priority needs
  • Produced a 10-year plan to be recommended to the ADM Board of Education

On June 12, 2023, Tom Wollan of FRK Architects and Engineers, presented the ADM Facility Master Planning Committee’s final report to the ADM Board of Education. The final report included the recommendation of 6 projects to be completed over the next 10 years to address enrollment pressures, student programing, and aging facilities.

ADM Facility Master Planning Committee Final Report

On July 10, 2023, the ADM Board of Directors approved a 10-year Facility and Financial Plan based on the recommendations from the FMP Committee. ADM’s 10-year plan represents an intentional strategic shift to a long-term, systemic approach to facility planning at ADM. The goal of ADM’s 10-year plan is to address both new facility needs and the facility needs of buildings that already exist in the district.

On August 14, 2023, the ADM Board of Directors unanimously approved a bond issue question that will appear on the ballot Tuesday, November 7, 2023. If the $58 million bond is approved, the district would use the funds to construct, build, furnish, and equip a new high school building and improve the site while constructing athletic complexes for the new school. It would also remodel, repair, improve, furnish, and equip the DeSoto building, including the demolition of the three-story portion of the building. Additionally, funds will cover renovating, remodeling, improving, furnishing, and equipping the current middle/high school building.

ADM provided additional information during the fall of the 2023-24 school year to all ADM residents, with three detailed mailers that explained the needs and solutions, along with a robust website to answer to frequently asked questions. Additionally, two public forums were held in October, 2023.

Click Here to View ADM’s November 7, 2023 Bond Website

2022-23 Facility Master Planning Documents

Date Topic Resources
6/12/23 Board Work Session

  • The ADM Board of Education held a work sessions to review the final Facility Master Planning Report as presented by FRK.
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3/27/23 FMP Committee Meeting #4 – Priorities and Recommendations

  • Review Solutions
    • Current Facilities
    • Future Facilities
    • Non-Attendance Centers
  • Prioritize Solutions
  • Consensus on Recommendation To Board
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3/2/23 FMP Committee Meeting #3 – Solutions and Non-Attendance Centers

  • Current Needs
  • Future Needs
  • Refining Solutions and Scenarios
  • Reviewing Solutions and Scenarios
  • Non-Attendance Center Needs
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FMP Committee Meeting #2 – Future Needs and Growth

  • Enrollment Growth
  • Projections
  • Building Capacities
  • Future Programming
  • Developing Possible Solutions
  • Prioritization of Current and Future Needs
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FMP Committee Meeting #1 – Current Facility Needs

  • Purpose and Role of Committee
  • Context and History
  • Review of Current Buildings
  • Review of Current Facility Needs
  • Prioritization of Current Facility Needs
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 6/13/22 Board Work Session

  • Review of Enrollment Projections
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2022-23 Facility Master Planning Committee Members

Kim Anderson Administrator Amy Hemphill Administrator
Luke Asche Director Heith Hockenberry Board Member
Jodi Banse Administrator Sarah Knute Teacher
Thomas Book Parent Courtney LaMair Teacher
Eric Brown Director Ben Madison Parent
Cindy Carlson Teacher Jim Peters Adel Mayor
Mitch Crozier DeSoto Mayor Joe Stutelberg Minburn Mayor
Shanlyn Doll Parent Kim Timmerman Administrator
Greg Dufoe Administrator Nikki West Board Member
Ross Freeman Parent Rod Wiebers Director
McKenzie Gettler Teacher Bart Whipps Teacher
Lee Griebel Administrator Travis Wilkins Administrator

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