Competitive Bidding

Competitive Bidding Guidelines

Competitive, sealed bids or combined are required for all goods and services costing more than $40,000, including items such as construction contracts, school buses, and large textbook orders from a source other than the publisher.  For purchases of $10,000 to $40,000, the superintendent or an authorized designee will collect quotes, and the superintendent will make a recommendation to the board.  The superintendent has the authority to authorize purchases of up to $10,000 without board approval.

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Bid Selection

The purchase will be made to the lowest bidder based upon total cost considerations including, but not limited to, the cost of the goods and services being purchased, availability of service and/or repair, delivery date, and other factors deemed relevant by the board.  The board and the superintendent reserve the right to reject all bids, or any portion thereof, and re-advertise.

ADM Supports Local Companies

The ADM school board supports economic development in Iowa, and will acquire goods or services from locally-owned or Iowa-based businesses if the cost and other considerations are relatively equal and required specifications are met.


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