Dropout Prevention and At-Risk Program Services

ADM’s graduation rate is high and the district’s dropout rate is low. However, the district has a tremendous responsibility to provide at-risk and potential dropout support and services to students who have been identified as being “at-risk”.

While services for students who have been identified as “at-risk” and the corresponding funding sources are governed by Iowa code, ADM’s services are designed to do more than simply meet the minimum requirements of the law. In order to meet the mission of “high levels of learning for ALL students” we must provide services that allow our most vulnerable students to learn at grade level or higher, and prevent risk factors that often result in students not being prepared for postsecondary training or worse yet, dropping out of school. 

ADM utilizes reports and resources from the Iowa Department of Education to identify effective dropout prevention strategies. The at-risk and dropout prevention funding from state and local sources provides the revenue to support the costs associated with the personnel who execute these strategies. ADM’s plan is focused on delivering high-impact services and programs utilizing highly skilled and committed educators.

ADM’s At-Risk programs and services are intended to support students in grades PK-12 but are more concentrated at the secondary level where the issue of potentially dropping out of school becomes more acute. The district’s services for at-risk and potential dropouts are largely delivered by the following school personnel: guidance counselors, the high school at-risk/dropout coordinator, School Resource Officer, Reading Interventionists, and staff who provide academic support and tutoring to students.

Please use the following links to learn more about ADM’s at-risk and potential dropout identification processes and services.

ADM  Dropout and At-Risk Identification Process                     

ADM Dropout Prevention and At-Risk Program and Services 

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