Iowa law only requires districts to transport K-8 students that live more than two miles from the school designated for attendance and 9-12 students that live more than three miles from the school designated for attendance. ADM provides transportation for students well beyond the minimum requirement of the law.  However, not all students are eligible for transportation to and from school.

In an effort to reduce bus ridership to reduce transportation costs and respond to the challenges of hiring bus drivers, ADM has implemented the walk zones linked below.  Students who live in identified walk zone are ineligible for bus transportation to and from school. The walk zones are well within the legal requirements, with ADM continuing to provide transportation to significantly more students than legally required.

The following document has been created to provide ADM families with clear answers to common questions about ADM transportation procedures and practices.

Transportation Department Procedures

The following page of our website provides parents with information about school start times, end times, and information about when students can be dropped off at and picked up from buildings. This information may be helpful as families work to determine how students will get to and from school during the school year.

Drop-Off & Pick Up Information               

View Student Bus Route Information

ADM families can use My Ride K-12 to view all route information. My Ride K-12 can be accessed the following ways:

Please Note: Parents will be required to enter their “Student ID” in order to use the My Ride K-12 website or App.  Please use the following directions for information about how to locate a “Student ID” in Infinite Campus: How to Find a Student ID Number in Infinite Campus

My Ride K-12 Website My Ride Mobile App

Access My Ride K-12 Website        

My Ride K-12 Android App      

My Ride K-12 iOS App               

Walk Zones

Students living in the following walk zones are not eligible for ADM bus transportation to and from school.

Bus Passes, Routes and Stops

Bus stop placements are determined by the Transportation Department and are based on established criteria.

  • Riders are required to use the assigned neighborhood or residence bus stop. Riders may not board or exit a bus at a school building other than the one the Rider attends.
  • Current riders may or may not be assigned to the same stop used in previous years.
  • Riders will be assigned a bus stop determined by one address for AM and one address for the PM. The PM bus address may not be honored if it is different from the AM address.
  • Multiple pick up and drop off locations cannot be assigned for different days of the week.
  • Bus passes will be distributed at open house events. Students must have a bus pass in order to ride the bus.
  • Families can view the Traversa Ride360 App in mid August to view route information for the start of the school year.
  • Under the State of Iowa code #285.1-4: Districts are not required to maintain seating space on school buses for students, if the students do not or will not regularly utilize the Districts transportation service for extended periods during the school year.

Transportation Registration

All students who will receive bus transportation services must be registered via Infinite Campus Online Registration. Registration is necessary in order to:

  • secure a seat on the bus for the student
  • generate a bus pass that must be presented to the bus driver
  • ensure that pickup/drop off locations will be convenient
  • improve route-planning and equipment allocation efficiency
  • promote safety by ensuring that bus rosters are up-to-date at all times

Transportation Changes

Changes After June Registration but Prior to the Next School Year: Families who have completed online registration but need to make a change to the bus transportation information submitted as part of registration will be able to submit a change using the ADM Transportation Change Request Form starting on July 1

  • Please Note: Any changes submitted after August 13, 2023 will not be honored during the first two weeks of the school year, with submitted changes going into effect on September 4. This allows the ADM Transportation department to finalize bus routes and provide all families with accurate pick-up and drop-up off times for the first two weeks of school.

Changes During the School Year: Throughout the year it is possible that you may need to change the transportation information that has been shared with ADM schools. Families are asked to communicate changes in a timely manner to help ADM ensure efficient routing and transportation of students.

  • Transportation changes are likely to include the following scenarios:
    • You indicated the need for bus transportation for your child during online registration, and your child is eligible, but your child will no longer ride the bus to school.
    • You DID NOT indicate the need for bus transportation during online registration, but now your child needs to ride the bus to school.
    • The location where your child is to be picked up or dropped off is changing.
    • Your child stopped riding the bus earlier this year, but now needs to start riding the bus again.
  • How To Communicate A Transportation Change:
    • Families are asked to complete the ADM Transportation Change Request Form linked below any time that a change is needed. This change form will be inactive during online registration, as all transportation information for the following school year should be entered by families in Infinite Campus during online registration.
    • Please Note: If families need to change their “household” address, families must first change their “household” address in the Infinite Campus Portal or contact the District Administration Center at 515-993-4283 to request an address change prior in the Portal to completing the transportation change request form linked above.

Transportation Change Request Form   

Hard Surface Bus Route Plan:

The ADM Community School District has developed an emergency hard surface route plan. The purpose of this plan is to provide a bus transportation system on days when it is not possible to run the buses on gravel roads. In situations such as drifted or icy country gravel roads, or soft surface gravel roads, this plan will be implemented. When implemented, an announcement of the Emergency Hard Surface Route plan will be made via the district messenger system.

ADM Hard Surface Bus Route Plan        



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