Student Fees and Charges including Iowa Eligibility for Free and Reduced Meals

Each year, the ADM Board of Education approves fees and charges related to the expense of school, such as textbooks and materials.

The board recognizes that while fees charged students are appropriate and authorized, certain students and their families are not financially able to pay the fees. Students whose families meet the income guidelines for free and reduced price lunch, the Family Investment Program (FIP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), transportation assistance under Open Enrollment, or who are in foster care are eligible to have their student fees waived or partially waived.

Students whose families are experiencing a temporary financial difficulty may be eligible for a temporary waiver of student fees. Parents or students who believe they may qualify for temporary financial hardship should contact their child’s school principal. This waiver does not carry over from year to year and must be completed annually. The school district will grant full waivers, partial waivers, or temporary waivers depending upon the circumstances and the student or student’s parents’ ability to meet the financial criteria.

Registration fees are paid during the online registration process. There are also optional fees available for purchase during online registration.

Adel DeSoto Minburn Community School District has made it easier for families to apply for free or reduced priced meals. Please see our Food Service & Nutrition page for all the information you may need.

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