Certified Enrollment

The ADM staff are proud to serve all of the children in our communities, and growth in those communities has fueled enrollment growth in the district for the past five years.  The table below illustrates our enrollment trends, based upon the most recent data available (2015-16 school year) from the Iowa Department of Education.

Year Certified Enrollment Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment
Total Served
2015-16 1,569 227 115 1,681
2014-15 1,530 211 105 1,634
2013-14 1,481 201 98 1,583
2012-13 1,460 183 78 1,560
2011-12 1,435 180 89 1,519
2010-11 1,408 159 83 1,483

adm_enrollment_15-16_chartFrom a practical perspective, enrollment growth is important to the district in terms of being able to expand our program offerings and to continue to invest in our facilities.  The state’s school funding formula is closely tied to enrollment figures, which means that increased enrollment results in increased funding, while enrollment decreases would result in funding cuts.  In part due to enrollment growth, our program offerings in areas such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) coursework, literacy, and guidance have taken major steps forward.  Further, we’ve been able to make needed investments in our school buildings, educational technology offerings, and transportation infrastructure.  In the end, our purpose and passion is to serve students, and the district is thrilled to be in a position where we can continue to improve the resources available to each student.

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