Title I

What is Title I Reading?

Title I is a federal program that provides funding to local school districts. At ADM the goal of Title I is to provide specialized reading instruction to students who are most at risk of not meeting the literacy standards. A specially trained literacy teacher delivers this supplementary instruction outside of the general education classroom. Students will meet individually or in small groups for 15-30 minutes per day.

Who can be served in Title I Reading?

 Title I serves students who, for a variety of reasons, are reading below grade level expectations.

How is a student selected to participate in Title I Reading?

At any time during the school year a student may begin in a Title I group. Students can be selected to participate in a group based on teacher recommendations, classroom observations, and district assessments.

What are the possible outcomes for students who have participated in Title I?

  1. Students who have made accelerated growth and have reached proficiency for their grade level can be dismissed from Title I at any time throughout the school year. These students will continue to receive core curriculum instruction in their classroom and be closely monitored for further growth. They can re-enter a group at any time if needed.
  1. Students who do not make accelerated growth could be referred for a more intensive intervention. This could include 1:1 instruction.
  1. Students who are achieving significantly below their peers after many interventions have been put in place may be recommended to be evaluated for special education services.
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