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ADM Counseling Office Mission Statement

The ADM School Counseling Program, in partnership with our communities, is committed to developing a comprehensive, measurable, developmental program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students in a challenging and supportive learning environment.

• ADMHS Counselor Virtual Offices

If you need to see your Counselor, please visit their virtual office by clicking on one of the links in the column to the right.  You can also look around to see if there are any other helpful tidbits!


• ADMHS Student Counselor Visit Request Form

For students to request a time to see their Counselors, please use one of the following links:

Mrs. Gill-Carreon counseling request form 

Mrs. Rebel counseling request form 

• Counseling Office Monthly Newsletter
ADMHS Counseling Newsletter     March 2023


• Counseling Office Important Dates

  • Mar 7 2023 ICAN / Financial Aid Night @ 6p in ADM HS Media Center
  • Mar 10 2023 Registration deadline for April 15 ACT Test date
  • Apr 15 2023 ACT Test administered at ADMHS


College / Trade/Career / Military Representative Visits @ ADM

All College Rep, Trade/Career Rep, and Military Rep visits will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Power Hour (1:30-1:55).  Students may sign up via FlexiSched.  Seating is limited so sign-up early!.  
Mar 23 T/C Rep Kids Korner Two – Topic: Careers in Early Childhood Education/Education. Emily Ellerman, Program Coordinator, Kids Korner Two
Mar 28 T/C Rep GATR Truck Center
Mar 30 College Rep DMACC Skilled Trades Academy (resched from Feb 16 snow day)
Apr 4 College Rep Central College
Apr 6 College Rep Buena Vista University



• ADMHS School Profile

School Profile     A quick look at our high school, and the Adel DeSoto Minburn School district

• Transcripts

Request a Transcript     Current and former ADMHS students may request transcripts by using this link

What is the difference between an Official Transcript and an Unofficial Transcript?

An Official Transcript is generally what is required from colleges/universities, employers, and other institutions.  It must be obtained from the ADM HS Counseling Office, where it is signed by a designated official, and a raised school seal is then applied over the signature.  These are most-often sent directly to the institution requesting them.  If, however, they are sent to the student/graduate, they will be in a sealed envelope with an official signature.  These must remain sealed in order to maintain their Official status, as once they have been opened they become Unofficial.

An Unofficial Transcript will not be signed or sealed by a school official, and is generally used for informational purposes for the student/graduate.  (In some cases Unofficial Transcripts are acceptable for scholarship and other award applications, but requirements vary).

DMACC transcripts/credit transfers may be requested by the student at this link: DMACC Transcript

Graduating Seniors:  your ADM final transcript will be sent to the institution you indicated on your Senior Survey and sign-out form. If you fill out a DMACC transcript request in our Counseling Office, we will submit that request on your behalf.

• Scholarship Info

Find our currently-listed local scholarships and general scholarships.  Local scholarship offerings typically begin to post near the beginning of second semester.
Local Scholarship Information   

General Scholarship Information

ACT Test Information

ACT National Test Registration                

The ACT is administered at ADM HS annually. ADM’s College Board High School Code #: 160-010.  This must be used to complete ACT registration if you want your scores to be reported to ADM HS.  Many other schools within the central Iowa area host for the other test dates noted below.  For testing locations and registration information, go to www.actstudent.orgregister early, as spots are held on a first-come, first-served basis.  Testing fee information may be found here.

STUDENT-ATHLETES PLEASE NOTE:  if you are planning to register with NCAA Clearinghouse, please designate it on your ACT registration by using the Eligibility Center code of 9999 to ensure the score is reported to the Eligibility Center.  (There is a separate charge to send them later if you did not direct ACT to forward scores to NCAA.  The NCAA will not accept scores shared from ADM HS, they must be reported directly from ACT.)  NAIA Eligibility Center code is 9876.  Stay informed! – NCAA Eligibility Requirements are available at:



ACT: Important Registration Process Dates

Test Date Deadline Late Fee Required Photo Upload/Standby Deadline
Sep 10 2022

Oct 22 2022

Dec 10 2022

Feb 11 2023

Apr 15 2023

Jun 10 2023

Jul 15 2023

Aug 5

Sep 16

Nov 4

Jan 6

Mar 10

May 5

Jun 16

Aug 19

Sep 30

Nov 15

Jan 20

Mar 24

May 19

Jun 23

Sep 2

Oct 14

Dec 2

Feb 3

Apr 7

Jun 2

Jul 7

• Links for College, Career, Financial Aid

Quick Guide for College, Career and Fin Aid Web Links  


• FAFSA Completion

FAFSA for Fall 2023 may be completed beginning October 1, 2022.  Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) offers FAFSA completion assistance via virtual meetings, and will offer online seminars.  Please check their website for all updates.

Additionally, The Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) has nine Student Success Centers that will offer FAFSA completion assistance as part of FAFSA Ready Iowa. Each center has appointments available and can be scheduled at

• Paying for College

Check out LendEdu’s helpful guide to financial aid, scholarships, savings, and student loans!

Also, the Your Teen magazine is full of constructive information for parents of college-bound students: admissions, financial aid, campus life, etc.

• ICAN Activities Resumé

For students interested in tracking their high school activities history in one, easily accessible location for scholarship and college admission applications, try using this handy template available compliments of ICAN (you will need to make a copy via Google Docs so you can edit and make it your own)!

• Driver’s Education at ADMHS

Street Smarts Registration               

Driver’s Education classes are not offered as a part of the curriculum at the Adel DeSoto Minburn School District.  However, the district does contract with a private company, Street Smarts, that provides this instruction at our high school location for the convenience of our students and parents.  Terms of enrollment, conditions of training, and all correspondence shall be administered by Street Smarts.  Please visit the Street Smarts at the link above, or call 515-279-1112 for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you qualify for free or reduced lunches, and you have signed the waiver at school registration, you may be eligible for a free or reduced-price driver’s education class.  Please register online by choosing the check/cash/money order option and then call the Street Smarts office at 515-279-1112 to let them know of your status.


•Mental Health Resources/Links

📞: 515-244-6090 or  800-327-4692



Ms. Jennifer Rebel
Professional School Counselor (M-Z)

Mrs. Rebel’s Virtual Office

Mrs. Melonie Gill-Carreon
Professional School Counselor (A-L)

Mrs. Gill-Carreon’s Virtual Office

Dr. Patricia Tice, College and Career Transition Counselor (Tu & Th, 7:30a – 3:30p)
DMACC Career Advantage/ADM High School

Lori Mann
Administrative Assistant

Jill Harsh (Mon, Wed -Fri, flex hours)
PT Assistant/Humanitarian Cord Tracking


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