Reporting Harassment / Bullying

Student well-being is of paramount importance in the ADM Schools, and staff take seriously all reports of harassment or bullying of students.

If you feel that you have been harassed, you should …
If you are comfortable doing so, communicate to the harasser that you expect the behavior to stop.  Ask a teacher, counselor, or principal for help if you want assistance.
If the harassment does not stop, or if you do not feel comfortable confronting the harasser, you should tell a teacher, counselor, or principal and write down exactly what happened, keeping a copy for yourself and giving another copy to the staff member.

Harassment / Bullying Reporting Forms

Use the form below to make sure that you fully document the harassment / bullying incident, and to collect information from witnesses.  Please talk with a teacher, counselor, or principal for help completing this form.

Student Harassment Complaint Form


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