Humanitarian Cord

ADM Humanitarian Cord for Service

Humanitarian    hyoo•ma•nuh•teh•ree•uhn

A person devoted to promoting the welfare of humanity, esp. through the elimination of pain and suffering


The Humanitarian Cord for Service is a distinguished award available to students at ADM High School who achieve 160 hours of volunteer service to their school and community.  The purpose of this honor is to expand volunteer opportunities outside of the school setting, and activities need to be focused on “serving others” to qualify.  Beginning in the 9th grade, participants are required to earn hours as follows:

  • 9th/10th grade must earn a combined 80 hours
  • 11th grade must earn 40 hours
  • 12th grade must earn 40 hours

Please note: Each grade level’s required hours shall be a prerequisite to the subsequent grade level.  Transfer students will be given special consideration. Time credited by ½ hour increments only.  Only current ADM High School students are eligible to participate; students are not considered a HS student until the first day of attendance at ADMHS. Students who wish to participate must register with the program and agree to the program guidelines (see links below).

Humanitarian Cord Guidelines                                       

Humanitarian Cord Program Registration                  

Pre-approval Form Only                                                   

Volunteer Club/ Humanitarian Cord Opportunities  

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