About Us

Mission Statement

Our legacy at ADM High School is a sustained commitment to provide an innovative, professional learning environment where students maximize achievement in all endeavors that will empower them for success in post-secondary opportunities.

Vision Statement

ADM High School seeks to prepare all students to work collaboratively, fearlessly shape the future, and become productive citizens with a desire for knowledge in an ever-changing world.

Tiger Statement

T: Together we maximize achievement

  • Providing rigorous courses with support
  • Using data-driven education
  • Having relevant, purposeful coursework
  • Honoring and celebrating academic progress

I:  Innovation in the classroom

  • Cutting-edge, student-centered education
  • Using  practices and strategies that are best for the content area
  • Providing continued professional development for staff

G: Generate Productive Citizens

  • Encouraging and providing opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Engaging in leadership training
  • Creating an environment where collaboration flourishes
  • Modeling positive mentoring (model the habits of productive citizens)

E: Equity and access for all students

  • Providing strategies and interventions
  • Challenging each student intellectually and ethically
  • Giving extended learning opportunities
  • Exhibiting genuine care and concern

R: Ready to shape the future

  • Nurturing students’ creative sparks
  • Creating global learners
  • Allowing exploration of personal interests
  • Inspiring lifelong learning



Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

801 Nile Kinnick Dr. South
Adel, IA 50003

Phone (515) 993-4584
Fax (515) 993-3025

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