Curriculum is a framework for learning opportunities and experiences.  It is a process by which learners obtain knowledge and understanding, while developing life skills.  It is continually revised and evaluated to make learning meaningful, fun and exciting.  It is the policy of this program to provide curriculum content and instructional materials utilized to reflect the cultural and racial diversity present in the United States and the world while exploring how it lives throughout our community in a variety of experiences, careers, and roles.

The ADM Preschool program uses Creative Curriculum which is a research and inquiry-based curriculum designed for three and four-year-olds.  It addresses all areas of early learning:  language and literacy, math, science, social studies, art, physical motor skills, and social skills.  The studies are interest based on familiar and meaningful things to young children such as School and Families, Trees, Boxes, Bread, Exercise, Clothing, Insects the possibilities are endless.  It provides children an opportunity to learn in a variety of ways – through play, problem solving, movement, art, music, drawing and writing, listening, and storytelling.  Suggestions for modifications and adaptations are an integral part of the curriculum and will allow for us to embed learning experiences throughout our day to make the world around them come alive for the preschoolers as they explore the interest areas and literature.   In addition to the Creative Curriculum, we support the writing portion of the curriculum with Handwriting Without TearsA consistent daily schedule is planned to offer a balance of learning activities.  Learning is both formal and informal.  Play is planned for every day.  Learning is balanced with discussion, group activities with solitary time, and indoor and outdoor activities and exploration.

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