Science and Social Studies

The following is a description of each unit of study and the time frame of study for Science and Social Studies taught in Prekindergarten.

Unit of Study Time Frame of Study
School Rules and Routines 2 weeks
Friendship 1 week
Community 2 weeks
Safety 1 week
Health 1 week
Who is a Scientist? 2 weeks
Weather Watching 1 week
Seasons/Fall 1 week
Fall Weather 1 week
Thanksgiving 1 week
Needs and Wants 4 weeks
Pushes, Pulls, and Ramps 3 weeks
Famous Holidays-MLK 1 week
Winter Weather 2 weeks
Famous Americans 2 weeks
Dinosaurs 2 weeks
Spring Weather 1 week
Animals 2 weeks
Earth/Environment 1 week
Plants 2 weeks
Insects 1 week
Summer Weather 1 week










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