Gifted and Talented Education

The GATE program at the primary level (K-1 grade) is an enrichment program that builds on curriculum currently being taught in a student’s classroom. Primary students that work with the GATE teacher do enrichment activities in math and/or reading. In the ADM School District students are not identified as GATE students until the third grade. If students work with the GATE teacher in the primary grades that does not mean they will continue the GATE program in the upcoming years unless the distinct GATE committee identifies them by meeting the district guidelines for participation in GATE program. This committee is composed of district classroom teachers, GATE teachers, administrators, and selected parents.

Program Goals

The student will:

  • Develop life-long autonomous learner’s skills.
  • Demonstrate higher order thinking skills including critical and logical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, applications, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • Explore career possibilities with differentiated advocacy and specific opportunities.
  • Use research and communication skills including print resources, non print recourses, people networking and community networking.
  • Design independent projects inclusive of goals, objectives, products and evaluation based upon student abilities, interests and responsibilities.
  • Broaden exposure and civic responsibility through cultural and service events.
  • Demonstrate initiative to meet their educational needs.
  • Acquire specific effective and personal growth skills needed to operate at their potential level.
  • Realize educational opportunities through differential curriculum based upon individual needs (PEP, Personal Education Plan) as developed by staff, students, and parents.

Gifted and Talented Primary Level Program Outcomes (K-3)

The Student will:

  • Apply higher level thinking skills.
  • Apply problem solving skills.
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