Our weekly spelling schedule is as follows:

Monday: Pretest

Tuesday-Thursday: Word work and spelling practice

Friday: Posttest

The focus of spelling in first grade will be on word families and personal lists specific to the individual spelling needs of each student.  It is important that your child has a routine at home for practicing his or her spelling words. Please set aside 10-15 minutes per day to practice with them.  Students will use his or her pretest and words from their everyday writing to create a list of words.  The pretest will come home on Monday to study for the week.

There are also 1st grade core words that we will practice throughout the year, in addition to reviewing the kindergarten core words.

First Grade Spelling Patterns:

Short s Initial blends: gr, sp, sk, fr, pl, sl, st Long a /sh/ blends
Short e Final Blends: st, ck Long e /ar/ /ir/
Short i Add -s Long i /th/ blends
Short o Add -ing Long o /ea/ words
Short u /oo/ /yoo/ /ick/ words /qu/ words


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