Here are some ideas that you can do at home with your student. Each one builds on concepts and skills that we have learned in class!

Art at Home– Kindergarten Rainbows

Art art Home–Kindergarten Warm and Cool Colors

Art at Home–First Grade

Art at Home–Second Grade Symmetry

Art at Home–Second Grade 1 pt. Perspective

Here are links to demonstrations that have been given in class if students would like to practice these skills and techniques at home:

Symmetrical Butterfly:

Snowman with Value:

Students are given the opportunity through art to express themselves and their feelings.

The students at Adel Elementary School will explore the basic elements of design in a wide variety of media.  Some of these media are as follows:  pencil, felt tip pen, markers, a variety of different types of crayons (regular, metallic, neon, construction paper), colored pencils, tempera paint, watercolor paint, earthenware clay, and model magic.  Each year the students’ skills will build upon the previous years knowledge as they create their artwork.

Throughout the school year student artwork is displayed in the hallway outside of the art room by classroom.   Students walk the hallways with pride pointing to their artwork or a friend’s masterpiece.  Students will have their artwork displayed several times throughout the school year.

While exploring clay students begin to develop skills in a three dimensional media.  Each grade level works with clay, as they progress through grade levels their knowledge and skill grows to work with advanced techniques.  Students will have the chance to use the techniques of stamping, carving, sprigging, and rolling a slab.  Prekindergarten creates textures necklaces, kindergarten fashions textured ornaments, first grade forms suns with faces, second grade constructs a hanging pocket to demonstrate their skills.  Students are given the opportunity to choose the color of glaze.

Throughout the year the subject matter of their artwork correlates with changing seasons.  For example in the fall: second graders constructed lively, lovely leaves.  First graders and kindergartners crafted a scarecrow out of a variety of media while using a model of a scarecrow setup in the art room.

Nurturing a Students Art Show is a program sponsored by the Des Moines Art Center and Hubble Homes where area art teachers submit student artwork.  The purpose of this program is to promote the arts in our area.  In the spring four of our students are chosen to have their masterpiece displayed during the Des Moines Art Festival.

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