About Us

Welcome to Adel Elementary! Our school is located on the northwest side of Adel. Adel Elementary has approximately 510 students in grades preschool through second grade. Our class size is typically 18 students per classroom.

We are grateful to have a preschool program serving three and four year old students. This is a unique program, which integrates children who have special needs with other students in their age range.

Our focus at Adel Elementary is literacy. Our reading and written language program has been visited by over 30 school districts in Iowa in their attempt to mirror our success with children. In addition to literacy, we have a 45 minute block of time devoted to mathematics.  Our integrated units (science, social studies and health) are all taught through reading and written language.

We also have Reading Recovery, which is an intense tutorial program for struggling first grade readers. We are proud to share that we have a Big Brother and Big Sister program, Extended Learning Program, Title I Reading, Reading Club, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Reading Tutors and the list could go on and on…

The staff encourages a high level of parent participation.  We ask that all parents read to their children every night and talk about what they have read.  We also invite parents to attend our monthly P.A.C.T. (Parent and Child Together).  This is an opportunity for parents to learn more about Adel Elementary, as well as the ADM district. During the meetings, we also brainstorm ways to support our students and teaching staff. Additionally, the Watch DOG program brings a father into the school on a daily basis.

We like to celebrate!  Each week I meet with students to enjoy cookies and milk and hear a great book read aloud.  This is the way I get to celebrate every child’s birthday with them.  In addition to celebrating birthdays, we also take time out of our busy schedule to honor Children’s Book Week twice a year.  These are week-long celebrations that are so much fun for the kids and staff!

At Adel Elementary, we strive to instill a desire for life-long learning in our students. As educators, we realize the value of being life-long learners ourselves. The staff has been highly trained in balanced literacy and mathematics. We’re always looking for ways to further expand what we know about teaching children.

Adel Elementary is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to pursue life long learning. Please stop by and visit anytime!

Kimberly Anderson


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