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Welcome to DeSoto Intermediate School!

DeSoto Intermediate is an intermediate school in the ADM district, and we serve all students in grades five and six. We educate approximately 340 students and are committed to low class sizes, which typically run around 20 students per classroom. In addition to the general education staff, we also support our school community with personnel in the areas of Gifted and Talented Education, Special Education, Guidance Counseling Services, Music, Physical Education, Technology Integration, Art, Instrumental Band, and Choir. 

DeSoto Intermediate teachers are committed to providing our students with a quality education. Teachers see themselves as learners and are engaged in on-going professional development.  Classes are departmentalized with teachers primarily instructing either reading/writing or science/math.  Social studies is taught by numerous teachers.  

DeSoto Intermediate students are members of either a black or red team, and they receive core content instruction with their homeroom cohorts, rotating among two or more teachers depending on the grade level.  Students within a team will have the opportunity to learn and socialize with other students on their team during music, band, Tiger Time, study hall/clubs, lunch, and recess.

Communication between  school and home is the key to a successful partnership. Whether you choose to become involved in our Watch DOGS program, attend concerts, join us for Donuts for Dads/ Muffins for Moms, or volunteer to work with students, we know that you will clearly see why our school is a wonderful place to learn.

Amy Hemphill

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