The focus of instruction is centered on word families and personal lists specific to the needs of each individual student. The students will take a pretest on Monday and a posttest on Friday. Students will engage in spelling activities throughout the week.  There is a focus on second grade core words, with the expectation that these words are used and spelled correctly in their writing.


Core Words Vowel sound al C, k, -ck sounds (hard c)
Short a R-controlled vowels ôr: or, ore, oor Contraction: ‘s
Short e R-controlled vowel: /ar/ Consonant Blends: l and r
Short i Vowel consonant e Blend nk; digraph ng
Short o Long a: a-Consonant e, ai, ay Diphthongs: oy, oi
Short u Consonant blends Digraph: th
Long e: ee, ea Vowel digraphs: Long and Short oo Digraph: sh
Long i: y, i Long o: o, oa, ow Inflectional endings: -ed, -ing
Inflectional endings: -s, -es
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