Articles from February 2022

Fourth Grade Landscape Activity

This past week, fourth grade students in Mrs. Pudenz’s class were were working towards answering their essential question: If Earth changes so slowly, how do we know what Earth used to look like?  Students were given layers of […]

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Staying Healthy in Winter

Although this time of year is hard to get outside and be active due to the cold temperatures, there are many ways students can stay healthy and get their bodies moving. Adel Elementary’s PE teacher, Mrs. Blair, has […]

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Meet Mrs. Bryte

In honor of National School Counseling Week, we want to take some time to celebrate Adel Elementary’s school counselor, Mrs. Bryte. Mrs. Bryte has been in education for 21 years – 3 years as a PE teacher and […]

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NAEP at Meadow View

On Wednesday of this past week, a random selection of fourth grade students were selected to take the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). This assessment measures student achievement and learning experiences in comparison to other chosen schools […]

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ADM Jazz Choir

The ADM Jazz choirs recently opened their performance season at the Valley Jazz Summit on Friday, January 28th.  Each group had a performance and clinic with jazz professionals Alyssa Allgood & Dr. Kristin Sponcia.  They have performed two […]

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