MIC Club

MIC Club is an opportunity for fifth graders to read daily announcements over the intercom every morning. Each student gets the chance to be the MIC club speaker of the day as the rotation goes through each of the fifth grade classes throughout the year.

“MIC Club is a fun way for kids to work on their speaking skills, and it gives them an opportunity to practice ownership and responsibility,” said fifth-grade teacher Kristin Grimoskas.

The fifth graders make different announcements for the day such as the date, lunch menu, weather forecast, Watch D.O.G.S. of the day, shoes for recess and birthdays.

“I like MIC club because it helps you talk. I like to announce one thing everyone can do to be responsible and have a good day,” said fifth-grader Vaughn-Elise Nardin.

The MIC Club announcers are given a general outline of a script to follow when reading the announcements, but they are encouraged to personalize their messages and make them their own.

“Kids can pick a partner to help them read the announcements if they want to. I like listening for my friends when it’s their turn,” said fifth-grader Trey Lee.

“I admire how brave the students have to be to speak to the entire school; it’s a great way to ease them outside of their comfort zone,” said Grimoskas.

MIC Club is just one way DeSoto Intermediate strives to keep students on a path to positive behavior. The PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) system and the ROAR (Respect Others Always safe be Responsible) expectations are other ways the school promotes respectful and appropriate behaviors.

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