ADM Launches Middle School Show Choir

During the 2022-23 school year, ADM launched a Middle School show choir, “Compass”, for 7-8 grade students. Last year’s experience allowed students to learn what a show choir was and how to perform in a whole new way! Since it was the first year of creating a new program, the choir did not compete, but instead learned the basics of show choir and connected with other show choirs to learn from more established programs.

ADM’s show choir students traveled to Waukee High School to learn through a critique from the hosting director and watched Waukee’s 8th grade show choir “En Fuego”. ADM’s show choir also held a small performance in the ADM auditorium as well as a huge community event later in the season, where the auditorium was overflowing with fans cheering them on and seeing the excitement of their students performing!

 “We all are seeing the positive effects of adding a new program for our students,” shared Kim Timmerman, MS Principal. “Students showed great determination, hard work and grit by taking on something new.  Students attended morning rehearsals, performances and encouraged each other with this new experience. All of these team building skills are critical for students to work collaboratively and grow as singers and performers!”

MS Show Choir director, Ellie Roquet stated, “I am SO incredibly proud of every single student who was a part of ADM Compass last year and am so excited to see where this program can go. The amount of growth from the beginning of the year and our first choreography session to where they ended the season was HUGE!”

Over the next few years, ADM will continue to work at developing a fully functioning and competitive show choir program for our students. Compass will learn from the experiences of last year and pursue new opportunities during the 2023-24 school year.

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