The PSAT exam is taken nationally by sophomores and juniors to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program.  The average PSAT score in the State of Iowa is 1076 with a national average of 977.

Patrick scored a 1520-the highest possible score-on his PSAT exam.  The test consists of two sections:  math and reading/writing.  There are 98 questions/tasks on the exam and Patrick got every single question correct.

Patrick is a well-rounded student who participates in Band, Cross Country, and more at ADM.  The band helped celebrate with Patrick when Mr. Griebel came into class to announce the accomplishment.

Mrs. Knipper, the Gate instructor at ADM, states that Patrick is a hard worker but very humble.   Patrick doesn’t want the very deserved praise as he sees the work as something he needs to do.

We are all so incredibly proud of Patrick and we cannot wait to see where his path takes him!