At its Monday meeting, the ADM Community School District Board of Directors unanimously approved a bond issue question that will appear on the ballot Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

If the $58 million bond is approved, the district would use the funds to construct, build, furnish, and equip a new high school building and improve the site while constructing athletic complexes for the new school. It would also remodel, repair, improve, furnish, and equip the DeSoto building, including the demolition of the three-story portion of the building. Additionally, funds will cover renovating, remodeling, improving, furnishing, and equipping the current middle/high school building.

The board took the action after receiving a petition requesting an election on the issuance of the bond, signed by more than 600 eligible voters in the district. 

Over the course of the 2022-23 school year, a board-approved facilities master planning process studied enrollment growth and determined future facility needs for the district. A board-approved committee made up of community members, teachers, administrators, city mayors, and board members was created to study district facility needs, provide recommendations, and develop a 10-year facilities master plan.

“This is a very exciting time for the ADM community,” said Tim Canney, Board President. “Our Facility Master Planning Committee did a thorough job exploring many possible solutions to address current and future needs. In the end, the committee provided a clear vision for the future, and the board has used their recommendations to bring forward the projects that will be on the November 7 ballot. We are pleased to be able to call a bond election and at the same time continue to provide a stable tax rate for the community.”

Over several months, the committee evaluated current ADM facilities, identified capacity levels for current buildings, studied future enrollment projections and capacity implications, and identified priority future facility needs to meet enrollment and programming needs. It also created and evaluated 10 scenarios to meet identified priority needs, developed a sequence and 10-year plan to meet identified priority needs, and produced a 10-year plan to recommend to the ADM Board of Education.

The final committee report was presented to the board in June. It included a recommendation for six projects to meet current and future facility needs of the district—four of which are included in the proposed bond issue. These include the construction of a new high school building, the demolition of the three-story portion of DeSoto Intermediate, addressing HVAC needs and remodeling the current 1986 high school building, and constructing new outdoor athletic facilities at the new high school site.

“The construction of a new high school will help relieve enrollment pressures at the current middle/high school campus and provide increased programming opportunities for students,” said Greg Dufoe, Superintendent. “The projects also address the three-story portion of DeSoto Intermediate, a wonderful facility that has served the community for over 100 years. We have great community support for the ADM School District and we are looking forward to the November election.”

ADM will share additional information over the next three months, with three detailed mailers to all residents that explain the needs and solutions, along with a robust website with answers to frequently asked questions and two public forums being planned for October.

Board Secretary Eric Brown will next file the petition for the proposition for the ballot with the Dallas County Commissioner of Elections.