Earlier this spring, ADM celebrated 17 third year Biomedical Science students by holding a white coat ceremony. Traditionally, the ceremony is given to students in medical school programs to signify their entrance to the program and the start of their journey to receiving their long white coat when they become physicians. ADM is incredibly proud of these students for their hard work in the program, which includes successfully completing the first two courses, Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Human Body Systems, before taking their final course, Medical Interventions.

During these courses, students are tasked with thinking critically, diagnosing patients, and trying real-world medical practices that they would encounter in any biomedical profession. The students will be able to use their white coats the remainder of the school year in their Medical Interventions course and after high school if they pursue a medical course of study. Each of these students have worked hard for this accomplishment over the past three years, and ADM looks forward to seeing how these students continue their curiosity and efforts in their post-secondary endeavors in the near future.

The following students earned their white coat this spring:

  • Brooklyn Bailey
  • Dylan Busta
  • Hubie Chaplin
  • Makayla Crannell
  • Marissa Gerleman
  • Aubrey James
  • Helen Kirk
  • Camryn Mager
  • Paige Mattes
  • Madi Mellencamp
  • Tony Pawlosky
  • Cameran Smith
  • Kaylee Smith
  • Mason Tollari
  • Halli Weddle
  • Alayna Whitson
  • Olivia Wyant