ADM Families and Staff,

This afternoon we were informed that DeSoto Intermediate passed all environmental tests and other operational requirements necessary for re-occupancy with students and staff, to begin on Monday, April 24, 2023! While plans were in place to have DeSoto Intermediate students attend school at other ADM school buildings starting on Monday, we are thrilled that those plans are no longer needed. Our students can safely return to DeSoto Intermediate for the remainder of the school year. Specific details and information about the re-occupying plan and directions will be emailed to DeSoto Intermediate families and staff from Principal Amy Hemphill.

Service Master and other professional services will continue with clean-up, mitigation, and restoration of the impacted areas. The effort and professionalism that these service professionals have demonstrated in working to get students back on-site for learning has been significant and inspirational.

As shared in a previous communication, in order to meet the state requirement of 1080 instructional hours, DeSoto Intermediate students will need to make up the time lost due to the fire. We are in the process of evaluating possible strategies to reduce the number of additional full days that DeSoto Intermediate will need to add to the end of the school year, while still meeting the state requirement.

While I am unable to name every individual who deserves to be thanked, I would like to specifically acknowledge Amy Hemphill (Principal, DeSoto Intermediate) and her team, Lucas Asche (Director of Buildings and Grounds) and his team, and Travis Wilkins (Executive Director) for their leadership, hard work, and dedication to ADM community in responding to this crisis.

Thank you to the DeSoto Intermediate staff, students, and parents for your patience this week. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Have a great weekend!