The sixth annual Experiencing Success Today conference will be held at ADM High School on Friday, February 10. The premise of the conference is simple: educators in our district possess a wealth of expertise and this day gives them the opportunity to share that expertise with each other.  

Breakout sessions–created and led by ADM educators–will include Leveraging Infinite Campus, Digital Breakouts, Goal Setting for Your Program, Brain Breaks, and more. This year, teachers will also learn from presenters outside the district during breakout sessions, with sessions presented by Employee & Family Resources and IPERS representatives and Heartland AEA consultants.

ADM’s EST conference provides multiple opportunities for ADM teachers to learn and grow — from our own ADM teachers, outside organizations that support our work, and from a highly-recognized educational leader. Dr. Joe Sanfelippo will be opening the day for ADM teachers and leading mid-day learning. Joe is the 2019 Education Dive National Superintendent of the Year and current superintendent of Fall Creek School District in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. The author of several books, Lead from Where You Are, Hacking Leadership, The Power of Branding, and Principal Professional Development: Leading Learning in the Digital Age, Joe creates a continuous impact on educators with his podcasts and #1minwalk2work videos where he breaks down something he’s thinking about related to education during his one minute walk to school, while challenging viewers to make space in their own work for that concept. 

Joe’s message centers around three concepts: 

  1. Be Intentional. Every interaction matters because every interaction could be the one they talk about forever.
  2. Open Doors. When people outside your walls know what you are doing it gives value to those inside. 
  3. Build People. People who feel that their work has value will go well beyond anything you asked them to do.