ADM High School’s Student Council is an active and thoughtful group of kids. Not only do they work to better the student body’s experience in school but they also impact the community with service opportunities for their fellow students.

In November the Student Council puts on what they call their Month of Giving by sponsoring several events to benefit others:

  • To tie in with Veteran’s Day falling during November, there was an event centered around the holiday where students wrote letters to veterans to thank them for their service
  • They hosted a food drive to help the local Adel Food Pantry that directly assists our own neighbors
  • At the Basketball Meet the Team Night the council collected clothing to help students in need in the district
  • The most popular fundraiser was “selling minutes” to play with puppies from the local AHeinz57 shelter
  • And finally they packed meals with Meals From the Heartland to benefit a larger group of those dealing with food insecurity

It was an amazing month and we’re so proud of our Tigers for giving back to others!