Officer Keller came to Adel Elementary this week to talk to our Kindergarteners. During this time he discussed the importance of reading and math. He shared about police officers, their special tools, and how to stay safe. Some key points discussed:

  • Never be afraid of police officers. They are here to help.
  • Radios help communicate with other people.
  • Cameras help to remind what people say and do.
  • Vests are used to keep police officers safe and to help people see them.
  • Rope can be used to help rescue people.
  • Leashes can be used for animals that run away or get lost.
  • A stranger is someone you do not know. Do not talk to them if you are alone.
  • Do not open the door, unless your parents tell you it’s ok.

Thank you to Officer Keller for all he does for our district and community to keep us safe!