We are so excited to share about an upcoming event for our students and parents coming to ADM next Tuesday, October 18th. A group of our current 7th grader students took some major initiative and made some personal pledges and raised a significant amount of funds to increase awareness and appropriate use of social media as 6th graders at DeSoto last year. In response to that initiative, they began the process of reaching out to a company called #ICANHELP (Click on the link to learn more). #ICANHELP’s platform is to develop digitally responsible student leaders, educate regarding digital citizenship and to increase community engagement in a productive way. As a result of their efforts, we are able to bring #ICANHELP to ADM for presentations, small group workshops, and a parent education night. The student presentations are happening at DeSoto Intermediate in the morning and at the Middle School on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 18th.  ​​​​​​​

We would love for you as parents to be involved in this effort also. We are hosting an #ICANHELP Parent Night at the Middle School that evening. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30 to 7:30 P.M.  Parents please park on the east side of the building and enter in the AD entry facing the softball fields. The presentation will be located in our Media Center. We are looking forward to seeing you that evening.

Thank you for your support as we all continue to guide our MS and Intermediate students in the digital world we live in!