This year, students taking ADM’s Introduction to Education course will pair up with students in Ms. Song’s classroom. The intro to education students will be working with students in. Ms. Song’s classroom on life skills. This process will provide the students with practice in writing lesson plans that hope to use as future educators. The Intro to Ed students have planned out activities including a scavenger hunt, making mug cakes and various other crafts.
The students kicked off the partnership on Friday, Sept. 30, with a scavenger hunt around ADM High School. The students went to various rooms throughout the building and visited frequently used rooms and spaces throughout the building. The students took a photo with the school employees that worked in or used each space. At the conclusion of the scavenger hunt, the student located a midday snack.
The project was a fun and enriching way to spend a Friday and all of the staff loved having visitors throughout the day!
Students Taking Intro to Education: Justin Holm, Ceilia Kreifels, and Rebecca Yanacheak
Students Participating in the Scavenger Hung: Isaiah Pierce, Seth Roschel, and Brycen Timmer