Please join us in congratulating Lori Boston for 30 years of consecutive service at ADM! 

Lori graduated with a BS in Education from Northwest Missouri State University and a MA from Viterbo University. Lori has completed all 30 years of her teaching career at ADM! She currently serves as an 8th grade math teacher and a middle school instructional coach. Lori completed her student teaching at ADM with two middle school math teachers and loved the size and culture of the district and community. She has stayed at ADM because of “the fantastic co-workers, students, and families and the ability to be at ADM while her children and their friends grew up and attended schools in the district.”

While reflecting on why Lori became a teacher, she stated, “I have always loved children and originally thought I wanted to teach at the elementary level. I have a passion to help others, so helping and teaching students was the perfect combination.” Lori’s favorite part of teaching is getting to know each of her students on a personal level. She states that, “Relationships with students help me figure out different ways to work with or connect with students that struggle in math, think they aren’t good at math, or just dislike math. Even if math isn’t their favorite subject, I love finding different ways to make it easier for them and building up their self-confidence! Getting to see them as they move on to high school, college, and adulthood is the cherry on top of the cake for me!”

Outside of the school day, Lori enjoys spending time with her family and extra special time with grandkids.

Please help us thank Lori Boston for her support and service to the ADM community.


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