Please join us in congratulating Leanna Stine-Smith for 25 years of consecutive service at ADM!

Leanna is currently a first grade teacher at Adel Elementary and is starting her 26th year in education. Leanna was born and raised in Adel, Iowa. She then went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with Minors in English/Language Arts K-8 and Reading K-8 from the University of Northern Iowa.

Leanna chose ADM because she had completed two long term substitute positions in the district and was familiar with the staff and curriculum. She also learned about the new direction the reading program was going at that time, which solidified her desire to work at Adel Elementary. When asked why she chose to stay at ADM, Leanna shared, “I love working with the youngest learners in our district–the kids and I learn new things from each other every day, and to see the growth they make throughout the year always amazes me. Meeting and working with the families of the children I teach makes a lasting impact on my teaching each year. My own children have grown up in the district, and the support from families and the relationships made will last forever.”

Leanna wanted to become a teacher because when she was growing up, she would come home and play school in her room. She knew from a young age that she wanted to teach and help others learn. She used to collect old teacher manuals, along with portable chalk/magnetic boards to “teach”. She knew the impact she could make on kids. When asked what she loves most about her current role, Leanna shared, “I most enjoy reading books to my kids. It is so important to model for them how reading should sound, how to make connections, and how to have meaningful conversations about the books they read. It is fun to become the characters in the stories and to see the kids connect to those characters. I love the expression on my kids’ faces when they have an “a-ha” moment–eyes light up and a big smile starts to spread across their cheeks. It’s just the best!” In her free time, Leanna enjoys spending time with her family and watching her kids at their sporting events.

Please help us thank Leanna for her support and service to the ADM community.