Please join us in congratulating Molly Longman for 15 years of consecutive service at ADM! 

Molly is starting her 16th year in education, all of which have been as an ADM Tiger. Molly teaches in the high school language arts department and is the coach of the ADM Drama department. She was born and raised in Ames, Iowa and attended Iowa State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in secondary language arts and literacy coaching. Mrs. Longman wanted to become a teacher because she had several inspiring teachers herself while growing up. Those experiences were some of her first interactions with adults who seemed joyful and fulfilled by their work. Molly also shared, “My mother raised me with a love for reading, and my father was a wonderful model of servant-leadership and strong people skills. All of these things came together to form my desire to work in education.”  

Molly chose ADM initially because of the district’s size and location, and the opportunity to teach the courses she was most passionate about. For Molly, the icing on the cake was the ability to coach drama for ADM. Mrs. Longman stated that she continues to stay at ADM, “Because of the community, which includes our leadership, my fellow teachers, our community, and our students. There is a culture of collaboration and family here that is very important to me. It is also energizing to work for a district that is continually growing; I am proud to be part of a district that aims to continue offering more and more unique, diverse, and challenging opportunities for our students to thrive.”

When Molly is not teaching or engaged in drama rehearsals, she enjoys spending time with her husband and our two children, reading books, having game nights with friends, watching movies, and getting outdoors to fish, hike, and camp. She has also proven to be quite the builder this past summer.