Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Rebel for 10 years of consecutive service at ADM! 

Jennifer was born in Oshkosh Wisconsin and raised in Wisconsin as a child. She was previously a school counselor in the Des Moines Community School District for 10 years prior to joining ADM. Jennifer chose ADM because of the community and the opportunity to work in a smaller district. She states “I have an amazing team in the counseling office that I get to work with everyday. I would not be able to do my job without them. We’re all here for the students, but we can’t meet their needs unless ours are being met first” and this is why Jennifer chooses to stay each year. Jennifer has earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Social work from Olivet Nazarene University and her Masters in Educational Psychology from her home state, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

Jennifer chose to go into the education field because as she states “I spent ten years as a social worker with the homeless and families in the child welfare system before I went back to graduate school to get my masters degree.  Lack of education and job skills was repeatedly a common thread among my clients. In my idealistic young mind, I thought that if I could impact their lives when they were still young, perhaps they could avoid later struggles in life.  It’s about wanting to help students learn, grow and develop into healthy adults who have no limits on what they can achieve.” In her current role she loves seeing students walk across the stage and receive their diploma.  Even if they aren’t ready to take on the next challenges of life, that piece of paper is so important in her view.  Jennifer in her free time sets a reading goal of 50 books while she enjoys her coffee in the fall watching her beloved Green Bay Packers. 

Please help us thank Jennifer for her support and service to the ADM community.