Please join us in congratulating Hallie Edgerly for 10 years of consecutive service at ADM!

Hallie is starting her 12th year in education. Growing up in Ogden, IA, Hallie attended Iowa State and received a B.S. in Earth Science and a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication. She went on to receive her M.A.T in Science Education also at Iowa State University and her Ph.D in Education from Drake University. Hallie taught one year at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School before coming to ADM where she is an 8th grade Science teacher and a Middle School Instructional Coach. Hallie feels that in a way, ADM chose her as her husband and she were attempting to both land teaching jobs in the same area after getting married and the timing was a bit tricky.  She states, “The patience and pursuit ADM showed us as we navigated this transition was rather unheard of and a telling sign to me that this is where I was supposed to be. I was finally able to say yes to the job offer and have never looked back!”

Hallie reflects on why she chooses to stay at ADM. “I can remember being introduced to the Middle School’s motto of “Relationships, Relationships, Relationships” even during my interview and nothing could be more true! I am still at ADM because of the relationships built with colleagues and the genuine support, trust, and sense of family we have for each other. Now, ADM has become home for myself and my family! We made the decision to move our family to Adel and raise our own children as ADM Tigers. I grew up as a teacher’s kid–something that clearly made an impact on myself now as a teacher and parent. Having the opportunity to teach in the same district that my own children attend is something I do not take for granted and am incredibly grateful for.”

Hallie’s road to becoming a teacher wasn’t right away. She states, “I always said I would never become a teacher and in a way, avoided the career for a long time! My mom and older brother are both current/former science teachers and I wanted to pave my own path. During a summer internship experience with Scholastic in New York City writing for their science classroom magazines, I realized that something was missing. While I enjoyed writing content to be used in classrooms, I was missing out on actually being with the students during that learning. Now, as my own children begin to reach school age and have their own teachers, I am becoming even more aware of the position I have in kids’ lives. Someone is doing my job as a teacher for my own children and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for those individuals.”

When asked what Hallie enjoys the most about her current role at ADM, she stated, “Teaching middle school was never in my plan as a teacher, but after ten years with eighth grade students, I’m here to tell you it is the sweet spot in the 13 year experience of their K-12 education! :) When I share with someone that I teach middle school students, their reaction is often not positive as they remember their own middle school years. Our middle school staff has a heart for this age group of students and strives to make their middle years some of the best! Each day is different and while I appreciate the steady rhythm of the school day, I get to use my strengths in a variety of ways with both students and colleagues as a teacher and an instructional coach.”

Outside of the teaching day, Hallie enjoys spending time with her family, running, reading, camping, and being outside. Hallie and her husband, who is also a teacher, have three little Tigers of their own!

Please help us thank Hallie for her support and service to the ADM community.

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