Please join us in congratulating Bethany Paul for 10 years of consecutive service at ADM!

Bethany was born and raised in Keystone, Iowa. She went on to receive her undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa and completed her Master’s Degree from Viterbo University. 

Bethany is the current 3rd Grade Teacher and Math/Science Instructional Coach at Meadow View Elementary and is starting her 22nd year in education. Beyond teaching in ADM CSD, she also has experience teaching Reading Recovery in Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Bethany chose ADM because she student taught at ADM and never wanted to leave! She was grateful to be hired at Adel Elementary as soon as she completed her student teaching placement, and she was even more grateful to be hired back when she moved back from Lincoln, Nebraska. She not only wanted to be at ADM, but she knew she wanted her kids to be at ADM as well.  When asked why she chose to stay at ADM, Bethany shared, “Community, supportive families, great kids, coworkers that became best friends who I couldn’t teach without, administrators who supported me as a teacher and went to bat for me and others, professional development that help me grow as an educator, and opportunity to grow in my career as an instructional coach.”

Bethany wanted to be a teacher because both her mom and grandma were teachers. Bethany enjoys working with children and helping them learn new things while becoming flexible math thinkers along the way. 

When asked what she loves most about her current role, Bethany shared, “I am very lucky to get to be in the classroom and teach for part of my day and also be able to spend the other part of my day supporting teachers/students in their math classrooms. It’s the best of both worlds.” In her free time, Bethany enjoys playing board games with her boys, going on walks, traveling, spending time with family and friends, eating out, and going to concerts.

Please help us thank Bethany for her support and service to the ADM community.


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