During a previous lesson in guidance, students were engaged in deep learning and discussion about the daily pressures we all have and how to best combat those pressures in a positive and meaningful way. The feedback that Mrs. Sanders’ received from students, teachers, and parents was extremely positive. Here are some of Mrs. Sanders’ favorite moments from last month:

  • All of the ways teachers jumped right in (literally and figuratively) to join their students in the discussions. 
  • Mrs. Uster digging in to find ways to follow up with her students about ways they feel pressure at school. 
  • Mrs. Pudenz’s class connected this activity with their daily morning meeting circle that they’ve done this year. 
  • Mrs. Lang’s class encouraged one another with so much maturity and sincerity as they each shared hard things they’ve faced. 
  • Seeing students’ reaction of being shocked to being comforted that their teachers and school counselor feel pressure too. 
  • One parent shared the immediate impact this lesson had on her child in order to cope with all the pressures students face. 

Lastly, in the 3rd and 4th grade discussions, each participant had the opportunity to place an item in the jar that they wanted to let go of in thinking about pressure or the need to be perfect. The end result was we had 317 things that staff and students chose to lay down and work towards when releasing pressure. The image of how we are not alone and that we are stronger together is so true!