The fifth annual Experiencing Success Today Conference will be held at ADM High School on Friday, February 11. The premise of the conference is simple: educators in our district possess a wealth of expertise and this day gives them the opportunity to share that expertise with each other.  

Breakout sessions–created and led by teachers–will include how to serve students who want to learn more, close reading strategies, using new technology tools, reviewing with students before an assessment, how to track student progress, and more.  

This conference provides multiple opportunities for all of us to learn and grow–from our own ADM teachers and from a highly-recognized educational leader. Joy Kelly will be opening and closing the day for us. Mrs. Kelly currently serves as Head of School for Iowa City Regina and as a leadership coach on behalf of J. Casas and Associates. She has co-authored a book, Handle with Care: Managing Difficult Situations in Schools with Dignity and Respect with Jimmy Casas and believes the vitality and success of any school rests in the culture of the school community. It is also her belief that positive student achievement occurs as a result of the safe and supportive relationships developed among the adults in the school and with the students and their families. 

Some of our breakout sessions will also feature a guest speaker this year. Jen Alexander is a licensed special education teacher, professional school counselor, trauma expert, author, and leader in the movement to build trauma-sensitive schools.  In her current role as consultant and facilitator of professional development, Ms. Jen shows educators what works and why when it comes to building trauma-sensitive environments. Within minutes of interacting with her, educators know they are learning from someone who understands the real struggles of everyday teaching and learning—and believe that change benefiting educators, students, and entire school communities is possible.