The Dallas County Foundation has awarded Adel Elementary funds to add a Storybook Walk to its existing walking trail to extend literacy, promote healthy choices, and encourage social skills while children are at recess.  This generous grant will support the addition of multiple plexiglass, weatherproof signs that will hold pages of picture books for students to read and enjoy as they are walking the trail.  As the children move through the trail, they will have the opportunity to make short stops to read the text and complete a brief exercise to compliment the book. Children will work together to read the words, practice social skills, and build friendships.  They will delight in completing the exercises and will feel a sense of accomplishment in reading a book together.  Thank you, Dallas County Foundation for supporting Adel Elementary Tigers! 

*Pictured below are a handful of the many AE students who will enjoy the Storybook Walk along the walking path on the playground.