The week of May 3rd the Middle School Physical Education classes spent their time at the Adel Family Fun Center practicing their bowling techniques and skills.  A HUGE “Thank you” goes out to Bryce Smith, the owner of the Fun Center, for allowing the students to bowl for free.  The students thoroughly enjoyed their time bowling with friends, competing with each other, learning the fundamentals of the game along with how to score the game.  They also enjoyed the Fun Center food as they worked through a couple of games! 

Over 98% of all Middle Schoolers were able to top the challenge score minimum of 50 points.  Some exceeded that by miles!  Top scoring honors go to 8th grader Taylor Kinney,  who bowled a whopping game of 204.  He put to shame Mr. Winter’s measly second place score of 168.  Grant Jansen, another 8th grader, came in third with a 167.  Great job Taylor, Grant, and all ADM Middle Schoolers for making this a great experience and representing our school in a fantastic way!  Mr. Winter would like to thank everyone for their positive attitude and manners while bowling during the week.