The White Coat Ceremony is a celebration of the students’ dedication and professionalism in the Project Lead the Way Biomedical courses these past three years at ADM High school. Within the medical community, the White Coat Ceremony marks the beginning of a person’s professional education, with the clinical white coat being the mantle of the biomedical field. Although our students have not started their careers as biomedical professionals, they have invested significant time and energy into developing their biomedical skills and knowledge. With the culmination of the PLTW Medical Interventions course this year, the students will have finished their foundational courses in the Biological Sciences. The Biomedical Class of 2020-2021 includes 19 remarkable young people, and to recognize their efforts they received personalized white coats during class on 11/11. All the teachers and administrators would like to congratulate the students and parents on this milestone.