ADM Families and Staff,

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ADM has been committed to providing families and staff with access to relevant data and information being used to help make decisions about Return To Learn planning and determinations of the learning format being implemented at ADM.

As ADM Superintendent Greg Dufoe shared in November’s parent and family update “We meticulously developed a return to learn plan prior to the start of school, and execution of that plan has been outstanding.” ADM’s Return To Learn plan includes detailed and specific mitigation strategies, options for families who choose not to send their students to learn on-site, and significant processes to collect, track, and monitor ADM specific data related to COVID-19. We continue to track and monitor ADM specific data and will make decisions based on the local data we are collecting at ADM. 

To help provide families and staff with access to real time ADM specific data, we are launching the ADM COVID-19 Data Dashboard. The dashboard has been carefully designed to provide accurate data along with context for each data point. With the exception of attendance data, all data in the dashboard is live and updated as data is received and processed by the district.  At this time, the five-day daily attendance rate for each building will be updated weekly.

You can view the ADM COVID-19 Data Dashboard by visiting the “COVID-19 Cases At ADM” page of ADM’s COVID-19 website. Furthermore, we will continue to email daily positive case summaries to all families in the district and will continue to post copies of all daily case summaries in the space below the dashboard on the COVID-19 website.



We hope the ADM COVID-19 Data Dashboard will serve as another resource to support families and staff in understanding the current reality of COVID-19 at ADM. Thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate the challenges of the current school year.


Travis Wilkins

Director of Innovative Learning and Communication