ADM continues to get reports of families not receiving mass email messages from ADM.  The most frequent cause is messages landing in SPAM folders rather than the parent inbox.  We have made all adjustments possible in our messaging services to help other email services recognize ADM messages as being legitimate and not spam.  This includes setting a consistent email address that messages are sent from, regardless of the sender. 

One step parents can take is to add the following email addresses to their contacts to help ensure messages arrive correctly to their inbox. 

ADM uses two mass communication services.  Both serve different purposes and work with our internal systems in different ways.  Mass email communication sent from ADM will come from either of the following email addresses – please add these to your email contacts to ensure messages do not go to SPAM.

    • These messages are originated and broadcasted from Infinite Campus Messenger, ADM’s school information system.
    • These messages are originated and broadcasted from School Messenger, ADM’s mass communication service that allows ADM to send emails, text messages, and recorded phone messages to families.

Questions: If you have questions related to not receiving ADM communications, please contact ADM’s Student Information Specials, Kendra Wolf at