Hello ADM Middle School Parents!

Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!  We are looking forward to starting the school year with your son/daughter.

As a follow-up to the information that you have received from the district, the links below will provide specific information for ADM Middle School.  Thank you for taking the time to review these linked documents in preparation for our return to school.

ADM Middle School On-Site Return to Learn Summary:  The summary document shares information specific to Middle School students returning to learn on-site at the middle school. 

Middle School Drop off/Pick information: Please also note that we are encouraging parents to bring students at 8:05-8:10.  No adult supervision is available before 7:45 and we are working on not having students congregate in the MS Commons or Hallways. 

RTL Tips  Return to Learn Tips: Information to support a child’s social and emotional health information as families prepare students to return to school.  

When purchasing school supplies, we would strongly encourage each family to purchase a reusable water bottle to use at school every day.  Students should bring this home every evening to clean and re-fill at home for the next school day. The school supply list is on the ADM website. 

We will be sending out an OPEN HOUSE video on August 19th to familiarize students with the Middle School.  We won’t be holding an Open House at the Middle School.  Instead, students will be going to their homeroom teacher on the first day of school where they will begin gathering information to set them up for success. Students will also drop off their school supplies and donations first thing at their homeroom.  

Students will be given masks and a lanyard (to hold their masks) from their homeroom teacher.  Students will need to arrive on the first day with a mask on knowing that they will be bringing home two masks from the school that evening.  

Even with these unique times, we are dedicated to making this a great school year for our amazing Middle School Students with a strong focus on learning and developing positive relationships. 

Have a great afternoon!

Kim Timmerman

ADM Middle School Principal