Adel Police Department Press Release

Submitted by: School Resource Officer Monte Keller


With the start of school just around the corner, Adel DeSoto Minburn School Resource Officer Monte Keller reminds both drivers and students to be cautious while traveling to and from school.  Please contact Officer Keller at (515) 993-6723 with questions or for more information.


    • Walkers: Students that walk to school should use pedestrian safety practices, such as using sidewalks, designated crosswalks, and the buddy system (walking with others) when walking to school.
    • Bikers: Students who ride should observe and obey the traffic signs when traveling to and from school. Bikers MUST be off of their bikes when crossing crosswalks.
  • Drivers: Student and adult drivers should keep an extra eye out for students on bikes or on foot.

Traffic Controls:

  • 14th and Greene Street: A stop sign will be in place at 14th and Greene Street before and after school hours to keep traffic better controlled during those crucial times.
  • Flashing Yellow Lights on HWY 169:  Flashing yellow lights on Hwy 169 in front of the ADM High School serve as an additional warning to drivers to slow down to 35mph between the signs in this area. These lights are on before and after school when there is a higher flow of traffic.

Stopping For School Buses:

  • Be Cautious: Drivers should be cautious around school buses that may be picking up or unloading students.
  • Unlawful Passing: When the red stop sign is extended on the bus and the red lights are flashing it is unlawful to pass the bus from either direction.
  • Consequences: The consequences for passing a school bus during the above conditions have changed as of August 15th, 2012. A court appearance is required for school bus violations.
    • For a first offense, the person is guilty of a simple misdemeanor punishable by a fine of at least $250.00 but no more than $675.00.
    • The Iowa DOT will additionally impose a 30-day license suspension for the first offense.
    • The Adel Police Department will be aggressively patrolling near the school zones to ensure that drivers are obeying these laws.

Crosswalk, 600 Block Nile Kinnick Drive South (HWY 169)

Please remind your students to use the marked crosswalk near the 600 block of Nile Kinnick Drive South when walking to the middle school or high school. 

  • ADM School District will have a crossing guard at this location before school from 7:35 AM until approximately 8:10 AM to assist with students crossing Nile Kinnick Drive.
  • ADM School District will have a crossing guard at this location after school from 3:35 PM until 3:55 PM to assist with students crossing Nile Kinnick Drive.
  • It is important that ALL students use this crosswalk at ALL times.  Students should not cross the highway at other areas near Fareway or the post office.
  • When a crossing guard is not present, the crosswalk has a push button activation.  Students still need to yield and look both directions since in some cases vehicles may not have enough time to stop.