On Friday, February 14th, ADM hosted the fourth annual Experiencing Success Today Conference.  The EST conference is an opportunity for ADM staff to engage in on-site professional development, which includes learning from a nationally-recognized educational leader and attending teacher-led breakout sessions for further learning.

The conference started with a number of jazz selections from the ADM High School Jazz Band and the playing of the national anthem.  Jazz band students had prepared thank you messages for ADM teachers, which scrolled on the screen as the student played each tune.

This year’s conference featured guest presenter and author Aaron Hanson, who led the transformation of White Pine Middle School in Nevada into a nationally recognized high-achieving school. Hanson delivered an opening keynote session focused on building urgency for change. The sense of urgency for change challenged ADM teachers and administrators to know their “why” in relation to the economic, social, and psychological challenges facing 21st-century education. Hansen ended the day with a keynote focused on empowering students to own their learning where he challenged teachers to embed learner-centered concepts into daily teaching practices.

During the day teachers were also able to choose from 30 teacher-led breakout sessions which included titles such as – Essential Partnerships, Number Talks, Life After High School, Teaching With Questions, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Creating Curious Classrooms, Extending Learning For All, and more.  Aaron Hanson also provided a breakout session for K-5 teachers and 6-12 teachers that focused on building a positive student culture and ensuring systematic relationships.

ADM is proud to continue offering the EST as a site-based conference that supports teacher professional development and provides ADM teachers with an opportunity to learn from each other and from a nationally recognized educational leader.  The day of learning as an opportunity for ADM teachers and administrators grow together, and continue in our mission of engaging ALL students in a challenging and supportive environment that ensures ALL students learn at high levels!