Change: During all dismissal times, any vehicle exiting the MS/HS parking lot onto Highway 169 will ONLY be allowed to turn right.  Vehicles will not be allowed to go straight into Fareway or turn left.

Reasoning: Over the past few years Highway 169 has experienced increased traffic flow. The 2019-2020 ADM Traffic flow changes have been made for the safety of our student drivers. When seeking feedback about  ADM’s traffic flow changes the Iowa DOT shared “restricting left turns out of ADM High School during certain times of day is a great idea and is widely practiced across the country.” We understand this change may cause an inconvenience for some students.

Important Details:

  • Only dismissal times only will be impacted.  Regardless of the time of day dismissal occurs, any vehicle, including students, visitors, or parents will be required to turn right when exiting Tiger Drive onto Highway 169.  (See blue lines on front side of building on map below)
  • All north parking lots will be diverted to a single exit onto Tiger Drive. From Tiger Drive all vehicles will be required to exit with a right turn onto Highway 169.  (See blue arrows on front side of building on map below)
  • No vehicles will be allowed in the bus drop off and pick up zone located on Tiger Drive during dismissal. (See yellow rectangles on map below)
  • All vehicles in the east lot (“Pit” parking) will be required to exit onto Tiger Drive to the east and then onto Old Portland Road. (see blue arrows on the backside of building on map below)
  • All drivers needing to access the back (east side) of the building during dismissal time MUST enter from Old Portland Road.  No through traffic will be allowed. (See purple arrows on the backside of building on map below).
  • All traffic entering the front side of ADM MS/HS during dismissal times will be diverted into the circle drive lot. (See purple arrows on the front side of building on map below)

We request that students who have after school obligations, for example, sports or activities that keep them past dismissal times, park in the circle drive area.  

Alternative Routes to Travel South

The map listed below identifies possible alternative routes for students that need to head south after school but are forced to turn right onto HYW 169.

Alternative Route 1:  Turn right on Highway 169.  At Cottage Street turn right and follow it down to 4th St.  Take 4th St. straight to Old Portland Road until 302 Place where they can take a right to get back to Highway 169.

Alternative Route 2:  turn right on Highway 169 until you come to the stoplight.  Turn left on Greene St. until you get to South 10th St. Travel south on South 10th St. until you get to Greenwood Hills Dr. where you will take a right onto Highway 169.