On Friday, May 31st, the ADM Board of Education approved a purchase agreement for the site of the proposed new elementary school. The forty-nine acre site is located just west of 15th street in Adel and northwest of the Adel Aquatic Center.

  • Why This Location?
    • The ADM Board of Education determined this location was best suited for the new elementary building due to its proximity to existing neighborhoods. Additionally, an anticipated city park expansion project in this area would provide for city and district collaboration.
  • Why Not Build Along HWY 169?
    • The ADM Board of Education explored multiple site options including south of Adel near HWY 169. Locations off of HWY 169 were not optimal due to heavy traffic and the unknown future of the HWY 169 turning and safety improvements.
  • Why Purchase 49 Acres of Land?
    • ​​​​​​​The ADM Board of Education identified 49 acres of land as an appropriate size to support the construction of a new elementary building and to provide space for future land needs of the district.

Use the following link to view a map of the new school site and more information: ADM Bond 2019: Building Site Map

Please contact Superintendent Greg Dufoe at 515-993-4283 ext 7050 with any questions.