On April 9th, ADM seniors attended the Junior Achievement Stock Market Exchange simulation.  The event was sponsored by a variety of business organizations and offered a morning session committed to career exploration and networking.  The event was held at the John Deere Financial Center which provided excellent facilities and space for the event. The second function of the day was the Stock Market challenge in which students, in groups of four, were tasked to earn as much money as possible, buying and selling stocks.  Their portfolio started with 500,000, and the trading was as real to life as possible with brokers moving amongst the students managing their trades. The simulation had technology pieces that replicate the current trading floor and monitors to watch the trends and try to capture money making items.  Each day was 60 seconds long, and the students had two 30 day rounds to buy and sell their stocks. ADM groups averaged 830,000 for their portfolios, finishing 4th overall in that category.